Adam Raphael is an actor from England.  He has been working for the last ten years with the Corny Chicken Theatre Company based in Hsinchu, Taiwan.  With Corny Chicken he has co-written, and starred in several new plays, including "My Name Is Jenny", "Ham's Brave New Ward", "Who Killed Confucious", "Bad Eggs", and "Fairytale Gossip". 

Previously in the UK, he starred in the 1994 NET Edinburgh festival show "Thinking About a Tomato" and performed in the hypertheatre spectacular, "Quatermass and the Pit: Live From a Quarry", an outdoor show of epic preportions. 

His first theatre performance was at 8 years old, in a musical, where he played the villain: the evil Black Hole. 

After discovering a love for acting, he spent many years in "Fearon Hall Children's Theatre" company, performing in many roles.  This is where he discovered a love of physically demanding roles and Shakespeare plays. He then went on to join the "Nottingham Educational Theatre" company, performing in Nottingham and at the Edinburgh festival.